Get the most kilowatts out of your sticker by following this guide.
When you first get your sticker it will probably be folded, don't worry these folds will come out when you apply the sticker. Before you peel anything off, first flatten the sticker out by hand. It doesn't matter if the folds aren't completely flat.

First clean the surface area of where you want to apply your sticker. Then using some tape mock up the preferred position of the sticker, you can add tape around the border of the sticker as guides. Doing it from inside the car can sometimes help. Masking tape is ideal as it peels off easier.

When the sticker is guide taped into position, slowly peel of a small section of the backing. Then slowly press down the first section of the sticker to the surface ensuring no air bubbles or creases form. If they do form, rub them out with your finger or a credit card before adhering any more of the sticker.

Slowly continue the process of peeling the backing away a section at a time, whilst pressing down the sticker clearing any air bubbles or creases.

Once you have completely removed the backing there should be no major air bubbles or creases at this stage. You can then rub down the lettering sections of the sticker so it holds firm to the surface. Then slowly peel away the top layer leaving the lettering. If the lettering lifts off with the top layer, just press it back down on to the surface and then continue peeling off the top layer. Once the top layer is completely removed, press firmly (dont rub) on the lettering, particulary the corners of the letters.

Now remove all the guide tape. Then proceed to your trusted tuner to get your car dynoed to see the increased power gains. Or you could just go to your nearest McDonald's or Krispy Kreme parking lot to show off your new steez!